Six Signs You May Need a Therapist


Every year, thousands of individuals make the step to take some therapy and counselling sessions. However, many people are not even aware that they could benefit from this sort of help. Seeking therapy is nothing to be ashamed of – whether you’ve experienced a traumatic event or you have simply found yourself in a position where anxiety or depression has become a part of your life, sometimes everyone needs a helping hand. Emotional problems can be highly disruptive to your life but they can be overcome. Here are six signs that you might need therapy.

You can’t stop thinking about something

There are many things that can be traumatic to our lives. Whether it is the death of someone close to you, the end of a relationship or the loss of a job, some events can be very difficult to overcome. However, there is a difference between a normal amount of grieving and something that you simply cannot get beyond. If you find that you are thinking about something constantly to the point where it affects your daily routine, it might be worth seeking some counselling on the issue.

You’ve started using substances

Whether you’ve started drinking heavily, started using drugs or are just having more thoughts about using drugs, this can be a sign that you are dealing with your problems in an unhealthy way. These substances can be very harmful to you, and even if you think the amount you drink or use is relatively low, it can be easy to fall into a spiral where you have to continuously use more.

Over dependence on other activities like eating or sex can also be a sign that you’re aren’t coping very well with problems. These kids of addictive behaviours are functionally the same thing are using drugs or alcohol to help you cope.

You feel disconnected from friends and family

Many people who are struggling with feelings of stress, anxiety or depression, find that their relationships with loved ones become troubled and unhappy. You might find that you no longer find any joy on meeting up with friends or family, exactly at the time that you need to rely on their support. If you can’t feel positive even with the people who care most about you in can be a great idea to consider getting some therapy.

You’ve stopped enjoying your favourite things

Many people find that emotional struggles can start to permeate through everything that they do. Have you lost interest in your favourite activities? This could indicate that you are having trouble with a certain aspect of your life. It is usually the case that people find that they can’t enjoy activities because their mind is on something else, or that bad experiences mean that they now avoid meeting with other people.

People have become concerned about your behaviour

Sometimes it can be difficult to be aware of exactly how your behaviour has changed. You may not recognise that you are avoiding social contact or aren’t as happy as you once were. Sometimes it can mean a lot to hear it from someone close to you. While it may be a difficult conversation to have – if friends or family have commented on changes they have noticed in you, it could be worth considering counselling. Remember how hard it is to say something to someone who you care about; if a loved one has come to you it will almost certainly be something important.

You’re struggling at work or school

Have you noticed your performance at work or school slipping? Struggling with emotional difficulties tends to become an issue during your daily activities. If you are not able to concentrate properly it will naturally affect your ability to your best work. If you notice that comments at work have become more criticising than complimentary, it may be time to accept that something is changing your performance.

Article provided by Mike James, an independent content writer working together with Brighton and Hove Psychotherapy, a UK based psychotherapy, CBT and life coaching specialist


Six Signs You May Need a Therapist

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