Self Help Hack: Simplest Way to Make a New Habit Stick – Basically, You Have to Outsmart Yourself…

Basically, You Have to Outsmart Yourself…

I have fallen woefully behind with adding “Self Help Hacks” to the self help blog. Woe-Full-Leeeee behind. Sorry about that, but here’s one that I think might just have been worth the wait.

Making a New Habit STICK

Adding healthy, positive, beneficial habits to our day can sometimes fall as off track as I did with my “Self Help Hacks.”  Our intentions are grand, but… well… life happens.

Over many years (never you mind how many) of the beginning habits/losing habits/re-beginning habits cycle, I’ve happened upon a simple trick that greatly increases the new habits life expectancy.

Think of a habit you do daily – one that is so regular you hardly even think about it… you just do it. This might be brushing your teeth (morning or night), reading your Bible, checking Twitter first thing in the morning, feeding your cat…
Start doing your new habit immediately after this “regular” habit.
It’ll take a few weeks but, if you’re consistent, your new positive habit will be just as commonplace and regular as the old one.

Bonus Hack: If you want to read more, have a book nearby at all times. Set books by your bed, beside your den chair or spot on the couch, near your computer, etc. Seeing the book lying there – all inviting and all – will serve as a reminder to pick it up and dive in.

Which reminds me, I need to sign off now – mustn’t EVER keep Agatha Christie waiting…

~ Joi



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