Rise from Darkness: Paths Out of Depression Toward Happiness

Review: Rise From Darkness – Paths Out of Depression Toward Happiness


Rise from Darkness: Paths Out of Depression Toward Happiness
Rise from DarknessThere are illnesses and particularly cruel “demons” that other people battle which just leave me speechless. Battles that take uncommon strength to endure, overcome, and rise from. Alcoholism, cancer, and depression are three such demons.

Most of us take our particular paths in life for granted.  We meander along, sometimes complaining if we’re short a little money, hungry, or (egad!) inconvenienced.

Yet, how fast would we run back to our own path if we were to get a sample of the seemingly steep and grinding path others face?! A path lined with demons which want nothing more than to make forward progress treacherous. I’ve talked to many titans who have battled these demons and, almost without fail, they say that the toughest part is when you think you’ve seen the last battle, inevitably another appears.

Basically, they find themselves walking down a path that’s finally clear of demons and, just as they exhale, another jumps out.


“In the USA, 17% of the population suffers from depression during the course of their lives, and it appears a though this may be an increasing problem… at the same time, more and more youths are becoming depressed…” – Rise from Darkness, Page 15

Personally, I believe Depression may be the most maddening of the three. With Cancer and Alcoholism, at least you know what you’re up against. People who suffer from depression often aren’t even sure what they’re battling. They feel as though they’re battling themselves, which must be an especially dark kind of hell.

BUT, the story doesn’t end there in the darkness – heck, it’s not even the middle of the story, let alone the end! The individual suffering from depression does however, have to want to escape the darkness. As author Kristian Hall says, “The very first step is to decide to start pulling yourself out of the pit. There is no one else who can do this for you; you must do it yourself.”

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Rise from Darkness: Paths Out of Depression Toward Happiness
Rise from Darkness: Paths Out of Depression Toward Happiness (Back Cover)

About the Author:

Kristian Hall went through eleven years of deep depression as a teenager and student. He overcame his depression by practicing techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy and positive psychology. His personal development did not stop there – he’s now living the life of his dreams. He lives in the deep forest around Oslo, together with his family and a very strange Maine Coon cat.

Let’s Get Back to the Path

Returning to the analogy of a dark path for a minute, I have to tell on myself. One especially hot summer day I was on a series of hiking trails here in Kentucky. I had gotten so busy (as is my style) admiring trees and birds that I looked around at one point and realized, “I have zero idea where I am and I have zero idea how I got here.”  Staying put certainly wasn’t an option, so I immediately set about finding my way out of the dark forest and back to the comfort of my vehicle.

It wouldn’t have made any sense to have sat right down where I was and bemoaned my plight and I’d have looked like a perfect, sweaty fool if I’d stood there looking around for someone to blame OR to come save me.

You get the analogy. When we find ourselves in a place we do not want to be, it’s our call to get ourselves the heck out of there.

Rise from Darkness is an IDEAL guide book for anyone on the path of darkness (depression).  People such as myself (who have never battled depression) cannot possibly offer guidance or advice. With only the best intentions, we may try, but… to be honest… what do we know?!?!

The only person who can truly navigate an individual through the dark forest of depression is one who has made the journey himself/herself.

When I was lost in the forest, someone who had never been in the forest could have tried to help me out but I don’t have to tell you how much more effective my journey would have been if someone who had also been lost before and had found their way out had galloped up on a white horse. Or brown. Or black… Or red… Lost hikers can’t be choosy.

If THEY have been there, THEY know what you’re going through. If THEY have made it out, THEY can show you how to get out.

Kristian Hall battled his depression for years and he wants, very much, to help you find your way out in far less time. I have read this wonderful, fast-reading, and downright fascinating book and want to see it make it to as many hands as possible.

I honestly believe this book is just the thing people battling depression need.  What’s more, I believe it could be equally useful to those battling anxiety – a pretty dark forest in its own right.

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Rise from Darkness: Paths Out of Depression Toward Happiness
Rise from Darkness 

If you are battling depression, this book review is (and I don’t say this lightly) a lifeline.  Someone who cares about you (that would be me) is pointing you to an author (Kristian Hall) who will guide you to the happiness and light you deserve. Please click through and learn more about Rise from Darkness. It is available on Amazon for less than the cost of a trip to McDonald’s.

The book is divided into 5 “Parts” –

How to Be Happy
Get Better Right Now
Depression’s Companions
Long-Term Self-Improvement
Meditation and Self-Hypnosis

As you can see, this book isn’t about having a brighter, happier tomorrow, it’s about RISING and having a brighter, happier life.

I want to conclude the book review with one of my favorite passages from Rise from Darkness. It’ll give you a feel for the author’s great writing style and the clarity of his message.  This is from one of the Part 2 (“Get Better Right Now”) of the book:

Live Here and Now

“Live here and now” is a cliche’, you might say. I am not afraid of using cliche’s. Cliche’s are life wisdom that has been passed down through the generations, mantras that are repeated so often that sometimes they lose their power. We often take cliche’s for granted and do not always reflect on their meaning.

“Live here and now” is maybe the most valuable cliche’ of all. But this can be difficult for many of us to do in practice. We are so used to rolling along the highway of life that we rarely really live in the now.

Put down this book and lean back. Listen to the sounds around you. Try to feel how your body actually feels. Feel where in your body you have tension, and which parts of the body are relaxed. Notice your breathing, how quickly you breathe, how evenly you can breathe in and out. Breathe slowly and deeply. Look at the space around you; notice the color nuances and textures on the walls, the details in all the objects present.  Are there people around you. Observe them without doing anything yourself. Are there smells in the room? Try to describe them. Take a few minutes using all of your senses to register the details of your surroundings and inside you.

Did you notice that plaguing thoughts, plans, and worries disappeared for a moment?  That for a moment they ceased to exist. That was quite pleasant, was it not?  – Rise from Darkness by Kristian Hall

See Rise from Darkness on Amazon.

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