Restore Calm and Well Being

Focus Words, Thermostats, and An E-Book Recommendation

Restore Calm and Well-Being by Kay Johnson (I Think You’re Going to Love This One)

Ever notice that we all have our own personal focus words? Words that sum up our deepest wishes and hopes. Love is a focus word that all of us have – we all want to love and be loved. Happiness is another focus word that’s universal.

Over our life, our focus words change greatly. For example, in our teens and even twenties, our focus words may be…


In out thirties…


The forties and beyond often bring a whole new outlook, along with new focus words such as…


As I said, the focus word of all focus words, happiness is ever-present.  The thing is, as we grow older, we realize that happiness doesn’t come from without, it comes from within.  No matter which stage of life you’re in, if you don’t have inner calmness and a sense of well-being, your pursuit of happiness will be in vain.

Personally, my favorite focus words have always been love, happiness, laughter, and peace. I’ve always been a great appreciator of peace! When life is calm, it’s as though my inner thermostat is at its resting place. When there’s drama or turmoil of any kind, it’s out of whack and my sense of well-being and happiness plummet. I can’t even stand for people I don’t know to quarrel! I’m at the extreme and I realize it, but there you have it. I’m okay with my crazy – in fact, I usually toast to it with a glass of tea.

Sometimes life hands us situations that throw our balance, happiness, calm, and well-being completely out of whack. They take our inner thermostat and all but smash it into a thousand pieces! That’s life, as they say… but no one ever said we had to enjoy stepping on the pieces.

Restore Calm and Wellbeing is an e-book I think you’ll enjoy. If life has been unkind to your inner thermostat and your focus words, this book may be just the thing to… well… restore calm and well-being.

From the Author:

Restore Calm and Wellbeing helps people to:

Take control of their lives again
Relieve tension
Manage their emotions
Change the way they think about their troubles and worries
Boost their confidence and self-esteem
Look after their bodies to relieve the physical effects of stress
Revive their zest for life and achieve more of what they want

Click through the link or image for more information.

~ Joi


Restore Calm and Well BeingRestore Calm and Wellbeing

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